Our Wines

This is our list of current wines available in our tasting room now, Summer 2020.

Some of our wines are available for online purchase at VinoShipper.com

Our best dry red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.  $30 plus tax.

Cabernet Sauvignon blended with about 20% Cabernet Franc. 2016 vintage won a Gold Medal at the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition.  $20 plus tax.

The lightest of our Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc blends.  $17 plus tax.

100% Chardonnay aged in French Oak, the 2016 won a Gold Medal at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.  $20 plus tax.

A blend of Chardonnay, Riesling, Vidal, and Chambourcin this wine has just a hint of sweetness.  Gold Medal Winner, Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition.  $16 plus tax

Our best seller, a sweet Riesling it is delicious.  $16 plus tax.

A semi-sweet version of our classic Vidal.  Very limited production (Tasting Room Only). $16 plus tax.

A sweet blend of Seyval and Charmbourcin.  Easy sipper.  $16 plus tax.

Semi-Sweet Chambourcin with almost no tannins for a smooth finish.  Serve cold.  $16 plus tax.

A "Port Style" wine it is fortified with neutral brandy for an ABV of 20%.  It has a rich sweet finish.  $33 plus tax.

Limited production !00% Charmbourcin. Dry and smooth. (Tasting Room Only)  $19 plus tax.

Vidal label no bars 001.jpg

Our Sweetest wine is back!  100% Vidal blanc this sweet white is sure to satisfy the sweet wine drinkers out there.  $16 plus tax.