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Our Wines

This is our list of current wines available in our tasting room now, Spring/Summer 2022.

Some of our wines are available for online purchase at

Our best dry red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.  $30 plus tax. SOLD OUT

Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 label.jpg

100% Cabernet Sauvignon in the 2020. $20 plus tax. 

Just bottled 9/9/2022

The lightest of our Cabernet Sauvignon blends.  $17 plus tax.  2021 vintage just bottled 9/9/2022

Chardonnay label 2016.jpg

100% Chardonnay aged in French Oak, the 2017 tastes more like white Burgundy than California Chardonnay. $20 plus tax.

A blend of Chardonnay, Riesling, Vidal, and Chambourcin this wine has just a hint of sweetness.  Gold Medal Winner, Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition.  $16 plus tax

Our best seller, a sweet Riesling it is delicious.  $16 plus tax.

A semi-sweet version of our classic Vidal.  Very limited production (Tasting Room Only). $16 plus tax.

A sweet blend of Seyval and Charmbourcin.  Easy sipper.  $16 plus tax.

Semi-Sweet Chambourcin with almost no tannins for a smooth finish.  Serve cold.  $16 plus tax.

A "Port Style" wine it is fortified with neutral brandy for an ABV of 20%.  It has a rich sweet finish.  $33 plus tax.

Limited production !00% Charmbourcin. Dry and smooth. (Tasting Room Only)  $19 plus tax.

Vidal label no bars 001.jpg

100% Vidal blanc this sweet white is sure to satisfy the sweet wine drinkers out there.  $16 plus tax. 

Marisa 2020 label.jpg

The 2020 Marisa marks the first time this delicious, dry, but fruity red blend. $16 plus tax. SOLD OUT

Merlot Label New 2021.jpg

This Non-Vintage Merlot was made in a partnership with a winery in Washington State.  (Tasting Room Only) $25 plus tax. SOLD OUT

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