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Bert Basignani (Owner/Winemaker) was featured on Foreman And Wolf on Food And Wine talking about his favorite wines and meals from the 1980s. Check out his interview in the third segment.

Lynne Basignani was interviewed by Vino 301 for Celebrating Women In Maryland's Wine Industry as March is Women's history month and March is also Maryland Wine Month!  Click Here

"But my particular fondness for Bert Basignani's wines have been for his dry red blends, starting with the easy-to-afford Piccolo (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend) up through his more expensive Lorenzino Reserve, a Bordeaux blend made only during years of exceptional vintages. Marisa? That's become another favorite, a proprietary blend of Chambourcin, Foch, Chancellor, and Cabernet Sauvignon." - The Patriot News

"Take a look at Basignani Winery in northcentral Maryland (10 minutes off I-83), where its Friday movie night never drew more than 60 people until this spring, when somewhere in the vicinity of 250 people showed up for the wine and popcorn and movie and pizza." - The Patriot News

"Notable wines on display included the 2007 Lorenzino Reserve from Basignani in Maryland. A blend of Cab Sauvignon, Cab Franc and Merlot, this wine was nothing like your typical Bordeaux blend. Instead, it offered a healthy amount of earth and intriguing, savory notes reminiscent of tomato leaves." - Oregon Wine Press 

"This [Lorenzino Reserve 2006] is a blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot, made only in exceptional vintages by Bert Basignani as a tribute to his youngest son." - Washington Post RANKED 3 OUT OF 4 STARS! 


"Basignani was among the first to get the whole red blend thing going. Basignani was also among some of the first east coast wineries to make great drinkable dry red wines. And it has always been my experience that Basignani’s reds have aged well." - East Coast Wineries

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